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We are a voluntary and non-profit organisation, that aims to provide a place where young people can come together to socialise in a friendly, safe and accessible environment.




Dream Chasers Youth Club was founded in 2016 by Ms Asha Ali Rage. She was motivated by the lack of opportunities, for the young children within the local community, to play sports in an orderly fashion, without the threats and harms now prevalent in urban environments.

She noticed how there was a lack of inexpensive sports facilities available within deprived areas and so she begun with a small group of neighbourhood children, taking them to play football in the various parks within the Bordesley Green and Small Heath areas.

A lone optimist, Ms Asha Ali Rage was driven to make a change. An individual who had a vision to gather the young people, mother them, and quite simply, have a kickabout.

She then decided to take it to the next step as the number of children present increased; renting the football pitches at the Small Heath Leisure Centre and employing a professional coach to provide football training sessions. After a short period of time Asha realised that she was in the perfect position to train as a qualified Football Association Coach, and as soon as she qualified, Asha started coaching boys and girls and young people (most of whom come from impoverished backgrounds, with unemployed single mothers who have limited means to fund suitable diversionary activities for their children outside of school).

This was now more than a kickabout – this was the start of the structural process, organisational progress, and the chance to reach out and really have an impact.

As since, Dream Chasers Youth Club has grown massively, with a huge increase in the number of children and young people accessing the service. Dream Chasers Youth Club now provides more than coaching for football; we offer a range of services to help the young people progress. Take a browse for yourself and see what is available.

Dream Chasers: Making Youths’ Dreams Come True

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