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Asha Rage at the mural unveiling

In a heartwarming gesture, Asha Rage, esteemed footballer, coach, and co-founder of Dream Chaser Youth Club, was invited to the unveiling of a mural at Birmingham Airport, celebrating the city's icons. The mural, commissioned by easyJet and easyJet Holidays, commemorates the inauguration of the airline's new base at the airport.

Crafted by local street artist Gent 48, the mural stands as a towering tribute, measuring 2.4 metres in height and 4.8 metres in width, adorning 62 square feet of the airport terminal. Among the esteemed figures featured in the artwork are Ozzy Osbourne, Benjamin Zephaniah, and a young fundraising hero, alongside Asha Rage.

Asha's invitation to the unveiling ceremony was a testament to her significant contributions to the community through the Dream Chaser Youth Club, where she has tirelessly utilised sports to empower young people and deter them from the perils of gang violence.

Today, March 18, as the mural was revealed to the public, Asha Rage stood alongside other honorees, symbolising the dedication of individuals like her to building stronger, safer communities. Her presence underscored the importance of recognising grassroots initiatives and the profound impact they have on the lives of young people.

In conjunction with the mural unveiling, easyJet announced the launch of 16 new routes from Birmingham Airport for the summer season, including destinations like Antalya, Barcelona, and Corfu. With a total of 28 routes now available, the airline aims to provide diverse travel options to passengers, catering to various preferences and interests.

As Asha Rage continues to inspire through her endeavours with Dream Chaser Youth Club, her presence at the mural unveiling serves as a beacon of hope and empowerment for communities across Birmingham.

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